The unsaid, the unspoken.


There is no logical explanation to one’s feelings when something saddening happens, regularly. Most of the people have been through such days but there are times when once in a while someone goes so deep, maybe knowingly into a dark abyss that can’t crawl out of their own wall of desolation. The emptiness caused maybe by despondency can hurt someone so bad that it might put them into a state where self destruction and isolation seems to be better than even pulling your lips upto you cheeks an inch. All then that person wants is to get more hurt. To feel more pain and there is no explanation to why someone would want that but they do and then it becomes like an addiction to be alone and sad all the time.

Sometimes life gives us a doldrums,misery and betrayal. There are times when you don’t see any light on the other side. There maybe such time when you find yourself all alone, Maybe that’s when you find the courage to accept and face the reality. And maybe that is when you see who’s who. Maybe that is when you have to find and love yourself the most, because there is only one soul who can love you the most and that’s your own. Be selfish because the world is not generous and the one who says they love you are not altruistic.



The life in my soul, or the other way around.


Somethings are meant to happen and you can’t deny that.

And before you even realize you are bonded to that soul. Unknowingly, unintentionally and maybe this is why it is pure.

                         LOVE? Maybe.
Saying that you ‘love’ someone is enough?

Being in love is great but being loved by the same person back is like finding the fountain of youth to cherish those feelings forever.
The attachment and the intertwining of two souls is maybe the best thing you’ll see and if you are lucky, feel. I’ve been lucky.
Yes some people are lucky to find the happy-moments-maker in their lives.

What is love? – people ask.
Love is when you just get a glimpse of those sparkling eyes and you feel that effervescent in your stomach , everytime.  EVERY DAMN TIME.

When you look at her and realize you are lucky.

When you touch her and it feels nothing less than being in paradise.

When you can be entirely yourself in front of that person,  without giving it second thought.

Because love is something that can’t be expressed in words.

Target Acquired ?


It maybe world dominance or dominance over small issues in their fu*ked up small world.

and now all of a sudden it is ‘feminism’.

Yes, how harsh or overstated it may sound but it is true to the core.Some of you might think all of this is just pure bullcrap but it ain’t, look around you.We live in a country where female gender is worshipped and raped at the same time and I strongly feel that this may have led us being a feminist-intolerant-allofthepoliticalbullsh*t country.

I am not saying that Feminism is a bad proposition but some daughterofbeaches do take to another level of lame and seek vengeance and dominance upon the opposite sex.


Anyway let me show you all the meaning of feminism according to the holy book of Wikipedia –

“Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment”

I think that this is working out  very well everywhere but still some people just level up their game by using this RADAR-lock-on weapon called weapon and target Men.Totally misusing the credibility of being a feminist.Isn’t our country providing education for women? Aren’t women safe now a days ? maybe yes maybe no. but this is no reason for putting on your inner frustration on men.


why should someone pay you more or give you a seat in the bus when both (male and female) genders are equal ?

Stand for your rights not for dominance. NO country is perfect and No place is safe from criminals, Everyone appriciates your fight and protest and whatever you do for your gender equality but please do not take it somewhere else for your personal benefits you know.

There goes my casual talk. Time for some seriousness.

here is an example of misusing the feminism power.

what about the cases where, in order to implicate men against whom they nurse a grudge, women falsely accuse men of rape? The men may or may not have caused them some form of trauma, but they are innocent of the crime they are being accused of.

there have been many cases where a young woman accused men for eve-teasing which turned out to be a lie.

Accusations like these not are not only illegal, but they cause extreme humiliation and anguish for the men they’re levelled against, they also discredit the actual past, present and future victims of rape.

A false accusation by one woman immediately causes a shadow of doubt over women who’ve actually survived rape, and this isn’t something we need in a culture that’s already lax about taking genuine rape cases seriously.

People misusing feminism often have a ready excuse, saying, “Women have suffered for years, it’s alright to take advantage of our rights now.”

Feminism is a very beautiful and much required thing if you think  over it and I totally support it but anything is excess is always harmful. Feminsim is most required in rural areas and where women are slaves and such parts of society but women who are living lavishly and do not have a thing to worry about and asking for feminist power for themselves seems kinda creepy and at the same time funny to me. Feminism is good for a society and there must be equality but there should not be any preferance to any gender as being a male or a female does not give you power over anything but your small fu*ked up world.


This world is a funny little blue ball of life, where you can find a lot of stupid people 🙂

but anyway, Life’s a beach right?


Enjoy your life , cause who knows you may rebirth as a housefly in the next ?



Personally peaceful and socially not ‘happening’

Being an Ambivert is mostly a choice.Being an Ambivert myself (by helplessness) I relate to a lot of things I observe everyday.There are times when you just want to stay at home and enjoy the greatest gift- The Internet and then there are some days when you feel no less than Bear Grylls, although these things puts up a lot of little problems and arguments among you and your family and maybe with your friends if you have some.

I have been in a lot of, LOT of dilemma, you know when your friends want to go out and hangout and you really wanna continue watching the shitty episode of  another anime/tv show/ whatever-your-choice-is and therefore it leads to that little crack in your friendships and similarly ! when your fam wants you to come out your Godforsakendarkroomofnopossibilities , and you say ‘sorry mum,I can’t Jon Snow gonna come back’ and she gives you the death stare , what choice do you have ?


Being an ambivert is never easy, it’s like you are the Spawn- the antihero from Marvel uinverse who is not allowed to both enter heaven and hell, similarly an ambivert is stuck between choosing what to do- to stay indoors and disconnected to the outside world or to try and socialize.When you try and go out with friends and the probability of that plan to be successful in one attempt is always way too low and when you want to go out with your parents for some ‘quality family time’ , your dad would be busy af!

aasssss usuallllll . but anyway-29261-Life-s-A-Beach

Life is a bit*h, we all know this very well.

Tell me one time when you wanted to do something and you did it without any obstacles-of-life. But maybe this is the beauty of life.