Finding around 

My response to today’s daily prompt which said – original.

Today’s world is all materialistic; totally and foolishly looking around for acceptance of who they are not instead of accepting who originally they are. Life is too short and it is too easy to look around and become somebody else whereas it’s quite hard to love what you are and show your moonshine- bright yet soft. Love what you are and not what everybody else wants to see. They love what they picture is perfect, and we will find different paths to perfect for every human we cross our way. Make your own path and become your own perfect because there is nothing as beautiful as an – original.



6 Replies to “Finding around ”

  1. Yo#&;8217ure insane. LOL You should post it, it would probably be helpful to people looking for that. I wish I had read all the Paolo and Preston stories in order. I may still be missing some. Feel free to check those out for me.


  2. Thanks for this review!You make me want to go and buy it!!!One question about the Body Shop: does the single eyeshadows fit in a MAC palette??? Love your blog! You are gr!nteThaaks 😉


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