Episode 3 – Existance 

The door thrashed open by the kick of that huge man. Killian was sleeping alongside his kid, Monarch. They woke up by the sound of the door and saw a man over six feet tall and huge in size, he had a gun and without thinking of anything he shoots targeting Killian as he was standing shocked of what in the world is suddenly happening to him. He slips away the first gunshot and as he does, Monarch tries and hold the Man’s hand to take the gun out. Killian makes a run for his knife under the bed and puts it in through the back of the man, sliding it in the heart. As that man fell down, Killian puts his feet on his chest and asks softly,
 “Who sent you?”

“The people you and your friends betrayed.” And loses his breath.

Killian asks monarch to check around if someone else is also here. Monarch went Killian dragged out this man somehow, and threw him off in the garbage collection.

“No one will care about you.” He said as he closed the lid of the box and went home.

“What was all that about ?” asked Monarch.

“Nothing kid, go to sleep you have work tomorrow and even I was thinking to come down there for a coffee.”

“That will be nice but I will be expecting some answers from you tomorrow, dad.”

Yes that is what Monarch called him.

One bad day, that is all it took to change the life of a boy who sat on the first bench in school and loved soccer; all it took was once glance at the gushing red corpse of his own mother and the screams of the man who killed her, his father. 

The old man who took Monarch in, was Killian, a man who was terminated from field duty from the  army because he was accused of costing the lives of thirteen of his brothers in arms in the field. The afternoon in the field, it was dusty and nobody could have seen the way bullets were coming from. fourteen brave men, trapped in their sand bunker in the middle of the desert, cavalry was far but those fourteen fought with their will and determination to, not to win the war but to survive. It went down till the dawn, and there were lights everywhere; up in the sky there were stars and down here, demons, firing blindly into the bunker, all anybody could see was the spark which happens when a shot goes off, those tiny lights from the barrel of every gun just made the night light up like Christmas but with more Satan in it. And then it was just one bullet which burned everything, it hit the very grenade which was in the hand of a fellow soldier of Killian who was about to throw it, unpinned and ready to blast, who knew it will go off on the inside. But it did, it went off, one room with thirteen soldiers dead and only one man alive, a curse he had to live with and a burden of  regret that he was alive when everyone else is gone, he had to carry.  and  with no enemy nearby, the guilt arrow pointed towards Killian for carelessly and mistakenly costing the lives of everyone else in that room.

 “May their soul rest in peace, and may yours, never. “ He said to the jury and the judge after they released him permanently from duty and snatched every badge and medal he won for serving eight  years in the army. He did not stop looking for redemption that day since for he had sinned being alive and was not able to save any of them. He lives that minute of horror everyday, every night.

He is a mercenary now, in his own way, takes the contracts only which will end some bad from this evil world, like burning the owner of a pharmacetiucal company alive. Killian is a man of sheer focus and determination. He studies his contract and job perfectly before doing it so there is no chances of regretion in the future.

Killian is now about in his early forties and lived alone in his small apartment in the outskirts of Valkin where there are just about handful of people because there is a little or no maintainence of the roads that leads to that area, its bushy and surrounded by small trees like a wall covering a fortress. But now there was his redemption living alongside him, his way to seek forgiveness from the thirteen souls he failed- Monarch, this is the name he gave to the little boy he brought in ten years ago from the streets of Valkin to live with him. Killian never told Monarch that he was one of the people of killed his father, how could he? He did want the kid to think that he was not able to save his father… or mother. 

Monarch now works in a coffee shop in the town, the one that Kern owns.

 “He is a good kid, always smiling at the customers. Brings a sense optimism in here.” Said Kern when one day Killian decided to go there. Killian saw Monarch serving coffee to the customer with a smile, and it just made him feel blessed to raise a kid so humble in this cruel world. Monarch always loved his long black hair, it reminded him of his mother. Monarch gets up early and walks to the coffee shop, not that he cannot afford a vehicle, but because Killian always asked him to remain as low profile as he can because nobody knows how many enemies Killian made throughout the years. 

Killian was a man of secrets, some of them were buried so deep in his heart that even he did not know how to get them out. One night, he was remembering the day he killed Monarch’s father. How he was given the contract and how he executed it. One the night Killian came out of the shop he buys his cigarette from and was walking towards his home in a town far from Valkin.

 “ Killian D’vour. “ said a man who was standing right behind Killian.

 “ Nobody knows my full name” said Killian and slowly moved his hand to get his knife out of his sleeve but the man replied 

“Yes you can say that, we are nobody and We are nothing. But we know who you are and what you did Mister D’Vour, and please try not to turn around and put that knife back before our sniper on the building ahead of you takes a clean shot through your neck. “

“ Alright you made your point asshole, but half of it. What do you want ? “ said killian and kept his knife back. 

“ You are a quick learner indeed, we need your assistance mister D’Vour. ”

“ I don’t work anonymous darling, I like transparency.”

“So I have been told, trust me mister D’Vour you would like it this way. “

“ I don’t think so. “

“ Ahh, you see Mister D’Vour we might be kind enough to provide you with a name. lets call us the Agency, and we are the people who are always expressed as the kind you don’t do business with. I hope you are not scared “

“So you are the Government “

“In a way, yes. In another way, the opposite. “

“Alright, what do you need from me? “

“ Like I mentioned earlier, we need your assistance. “

“ I’m listening.”

“ Okay so, if you are going to work for us let me make something clear for your Mister D’vour. We don’t work with anyone more than once, We don’t share anything except the information about your target and money. “

“That is simple. “

“And yes, if you try to fuck with us Mister D’Vour, we promise to burn you alive slowly and in every inhumane way possible and thinkable to anybody. We will make you beg for your death for years if you even put a scratch by your nail on us. “

“Agreed. “

“Good now everything about your target is in the file at your desk in your apartment, don’t even think how we find you mister D’Vour.“

“Okay and how will I get paid ? “

“ Half of the money is already in your bank account, mister D’Vour. “

“ How were you so sure that I will do this job for you “

“We followed every trace of you and every job you did, you never did any job which did not provide justice to somebody. You never do dirty work and trust us, Killian D’Vour, you will  be thankful for this.”

“Lets see about that part. “

“Okay so now you will walk towards your apartment without even blinking your eyes, a wrong movement will blow you to hell. “

Killian remembers this conversation as if it happened last night, the voice that talked to him was husky and heavy as if to kill your eardrums if he shouted. 

Killian got on his way and after some minutes he realized the lazer around his body was gone, “Must be gone, that sniper fellow. “ said Killian.

He got back home and rushed to his desk, lit up his cigarette and sat down and there it was; the proof that what happened to him an hour ago was not a prank. He opened the package, the file. There was everything about Klafh Pharma, the small medicine manufacturer who was slipping away the raw form of his drug in the market to the youth. Killian was surprised, angry and upset at the same time.

He thought, “how can a man send young kids down to this hell hole path of drug abuse. The man with the rough voice was right, this might as well be the best thing I have done ever since,  all I have done is taking out mob boses and two bit gangsters.  I might do some good when I take this man out.”

He read the file, it was absolutely thorough, who Klafh was and about his habits and timing of his office visits. When he was done reading about everything, the last page consisted of a phone number which might get things in motion for Killian, he called and the voice on the other side was of the same man who talked to him earlier that night.

“ Mister D’Vour, how nice of you to agree to our terms. Should I take this call as an affirmative that you will provide us with your assistance in our small operation?”


“ Okay then Mister D’vour, my colleagues will pick you up at 0600 hours tomorrow. “

“To where?”

“ You see, our operation is small but there is a room for partnership and money for everybody. You will be meeting your temporary brothers in arms in this operation tomorrow morning so be ready and try not to fight with them, they all think they are the best but we know who is right ? “

“ yeah nice joke, Dickhead.”

“ I’ll be watching you, Mister D’Vour.”

“Hangs up like a creep.” Killian said as he puffed in his last cigarette for the night. He needed rest but more, preparation for tomorrow. He got up from his desk and went into his bedroom. It was a small one window bedroom like those cheap hotels have in the movies, he pushed his small bed and took out his bag of guns and things he will be needing tomorrow. 

“What should I wear ?” he wondered like a kid going for prom night, 

“ ahh fuck it, its gonna be red in the end.”

Killian was always talking to himself about how he was gonna die before every contract. He was always thinking ahead of time and never forgot to think logically.

“A part of him wanted to survive and a part of him wanted to die, I guess no soldier ever comes back from a war.”

He packed his armory and went for his sleep. He travelled around the world for things like these and few years back he was out in a small village to catch some bandit who was stealing precious stones from the poor local miners, he got shot and people of that village healed him back to health. A family was very famous there, the Esios family. They were the pioneers of a very new,very deadly form of hand to hand skill and fighting techniques of  the same name- the Esio. The family took care of his health and as Killian was up and about as a healthy horse they also taught him a way to get half an hour of sleep and still feel afresh like a whole night sleep. He practiced that ever since, but tonight he needed more than sleep, he needed his will to do justice to the people he thought he failed, the thirteen souls he failed. He woke up and went down from his apartment to find a man waiting outside his house, he was tall and wore totally the opposite type of clothes an assassin or henchman would wear, that man was wearing a tshirt and baggy like a rap artist. 

He smiled and said “You must be Killian ?” 

“Yes, but who the hell are you ?”

“That should not be your concern buddy, now I am asked to make you wear these and take you somewhere.” as he took out an empty black bag from his pocket.
“ I need some confirmation.”

“ they told me you were naïve, Mister D’Vour. “

“Motherfucker, you call me that again, I am going to slit your throat with a fucking pencil !”

And Killian took that bag and wore it and how he could not see anything. 

That man who looked like a poor and not talented wanna be machine gun Kelly took him into a car and drove off. After two hours of journey they stopped, Killian was brought out by the same man and he took the bag off his head. Killian turned around and said “ I knew it was a van.”

“ Alright then, see you mate. “ and they man drove out.

Killian was standing in an empty grass field surrounded by trees, he could not recognize where he was and why he was brought here to meet some people; his temporary brothers in arms. It was eight oclock and was freezing so he reached for his pack of Camel and light it up only to hear the murmuring of trees, like an animal coming towards him. He got his guard up and got ready for it only to find a man coming in by cutting the dense bushes around him and making a way. He was of Killian’s height and he instantly recognized that Killian was from the army by the way he stood with his gun in his hand. 

“Retired ?” asked the young man with a smile 

“Voluntarily. ” replied Killian

“So you were also brought here for the medicine guy?”

“Yeah I guess.”

And before the young guy could say anything, the same van in which Killian came honked and took their attention. The van stopped and three other men, two of them were mercenaries but one other man was wearing a white suit with a red tie, like a corrupted minister out for no good. He was covering his face with a black plastic bag as well and when he spoke, Killian knew who it was; the same man he met last night. 

“Okay, so I hope it was not a long drive from home boys.”

Clapped his hands once and continued,

“Since we all are here, I should brief you on what you have to do. Its simple, go to the factory. Kill the guy and go back home with the money, you will find a road about a mile towards east and here is the key to the car that is waiting there for you gentlemen, please bring it back in one piece. Let me remind you, there will be no extraction or any form of assistance provided if you get into trouble, your operation will end as soon as you terminate that man and burn down that drug plant, money will be transferred when the authenticity of the operation is verified by my colleagues. Any side tasks or form of act that would jeopardize the operation will not be tolerated. This is the last of me or my Agency any one you will see. Thank you very much it was nice doing business with you gentlemen.” He handed the key to the young kid who Killian met first, and got into the van and drove back. All the men introduced themselves and went to the direction they were told. It took them about whole day to get out of that swamp. It was about evening they reached the town called Valkin and found the car which was there, as they were driving to the plant a man softly spoke,

“ I know how we can make some more money out of this, its simple- we ask the man to give the drug or the money and make profits out of it.” 

“Good for you man but I am not taking any part in this.” Said Killian as they reached the plant to find there was no sign of the man who owned it, Killian knew that man had a family. As the mercenaries thrashed the place and kicked every worker out of the plant, one of them asked with anger,

 “Now where the hell is this Killian guy, its been twenty minutes he is gone.” 

“I don’t know.” Said the kid and Killian returned back after a while, they were done waiting for that man so they asked one of the worker for the telephone number and called his place, he agreed to come and as soon as he came, the mercenary who said he will make money of it asked him to bring money so he went back and came back after a while, he went down on his knees begging for his life as Killian watched from a distance that mercenary whispered something in that man’s ear and threw him inside the building and burned him. Some time after the man was killed and confirmed. One of them said “lets leave. Its done.”

“I’ll stay for sometime.” Said killian as he watched the building burn and a small kid looking at it. He went to the kid and took him home. 

Now as the past is coming back to them  and what  followed changed everything for Monarch and Killian. This happened in a minute in Monarch’s head as he struggled to grasp one breath while he was dripping red from his lips and almost from every part of his body, and next minute of his dream reminded him of love, betrayal and life. 


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    1. Det är pinsamt, men mina underkläder är INTE vackra längre. Prioriterar alltid barnen och annat än mig och kläder till mig själv. Just underkläderna är inne på absolut sista refrängen. Jag vet ju att jag skulle må så bra av lite fräscha, sexiga underverk!Mvh Pernilla


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