That stranded road was terrifyingly quiet, anybody could hear and feel every drop of the rain falling from the sky.

That rain was heavy; yet comforting reminded him of his mother’s lap in which he always sought the love he thought he wanted. This rain reminded him of all those moments of happiness he spent loving in this rain but tonight he knew it was his last. 

The night of 24th june, he knew he was dying. His will is giving up, every heartbeat was heavy and yet they were slowly fading every minute as he lied there waiting for something he never thought would happen.

How can he forget something he always loved??

His vision was getting blurry, his eyes were closing on their own. He saw that stranded road took a breath and smelled the land which was drenched in the water around him; pinkish red as it were. His blood all over and he thought he might take a minute of rest than to fight the pain so he closed his eyes in acceptance that he won’t be able to open it again. 

And now he could remember.

You know they say how our brain shows us seven minutes of our memory in a dream sequence right when we die? 

And he started remembering one already.. 


14 Replies to “Pilot ”

  1. Der har været SÅ meget snak om denne bog.Og nu er jeg nysgerrig efter at se, what all the fuss is about!Det ville være fedt med en anlmsdeele af bogen når du selv har læst den, hvis nu man ikke skulle være en af de heldige vindere!


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