Your absence makes me suffer.


Stay, I’ll make it worth.

We all have our stories, we all have our heartbreaks.

It’s been so many years we were together and now look at where we’re heading. We’re parting ways and I can tell that you’re now far gone. I miss you so much I can’t breathe.

I tried my best to let you know that I’ll try again and again to make you happy. I know I was not perfect but I’ll try to be, isn’t that worth staying?  

I didn’t wanna write this as I go along with days filled with tears in my eyes, pain in the chest and a cigarette in my mouth, but I realize how happy you are. It calms me for a minute but then I do not see myself near you and it torns me apart to know that I’m not there to share your happiness or am not the reason for it anymore.

My absence does not haunts you?

Don’t you feel the void in your life?

Don’t you think I deserve a second chance? That WE deserve a second chance?

Am sorry for whatever wrong I unknowingly did. 

 I don’t want to argue, I never wanted to. I made you sad but I don’t know the reason for it, am innocent yet I feel the guilt that you left because of something I did. I always wanted to love you and nothing else, all I demanded was love and nothing else.


Is it too much to ask ?


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