The unsaid, the unspoken.


There is no logical explanation to one’s feelings when something saddening happens, regularly. Most of the people have been through such days but there are times when once in a while someone goes so deep, maybe knowingly into a dark abyss that can’t crawl out of their own wall of desolation. The emptiness caused maybe by despondency can hurt someone so bad that it might put them into a state where self destruction and isolation seems to be better than even pulling your lips upto you cheeks an inch. All then that person wants is to get more hurt. To feel more pain and there is no explanation to why someone would want that but they do and then it becomes like an addiction to be alone and sad all the time.

Sometimes life gives us a doldrums,misery and betrayal. There are times when you don’t see any light on the other side. There maybe such time when you find yourself all alone, Maybe that’s when you find the courage to accept and face the reality. And maybe that is when you see who’s who. Maybe that is when you have to find and love yourself the most, because there is only one soul who can love you the most and that’s your own. Be selfish because the world is not generous and the one who says they love you are not altruistic.