The life in my soul, or the other way around.


Somethings are meant to happen and you can’t deny that.

And before you even realize you are bonded to that soul. Unknowingly, unintentionally and maybe this is why it is pure.

                         LOVE? Maybe.
Saying that you ‘love’ someone is enough?

Being in love is great but being loved by the same person back is like finding the fountain of youth to cherish those feelings forever.
The attachment and the intertwining of two souls is maybe the best thing you’ll see and if you are lucky, feel. I’ve been lucky.
Yes some people are lucky to find the happy-moments-maker in their lives.

What is love? – people ask.
Love is when you just get a glimpse of those sparkling eyes and you feel that effervescent in your stomach , everytime.  EVERY DAMN TIME.

When you look at her and realize you are lucky.

When you touch her and it feels nothing less than being in paradise.

When you can be entirely yourself in front of that person,  without giving it second thought.

Because love is something that can’t be expressed in words.


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